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Educating Minds was set up by our team of qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, all with experience of working with people to overcome stress, anxiety and depression. We developed Educating Minds Corporate as a division of the company which offers stress management workshops in businesses, big or small. The aim of the workshops is to enable staff to adopt positive coping strategies, in order to reduce the cost of sickness absence, boost morale and aid staff retention.

Our workshops are based on techniques which would be used in one to one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is a practical and proactive approach and has the most evidence for achieving recovery from common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders. Due to its structured nature, all the strategies used in one to one CBT can be easily adapted for group settings to enable staff to become their own therapists, consequently helping them to manage their stress more effectively. Better stress management equates to a more efficient and healthier workforce.

As well as stress management, we also offer staff training on mental health difficulties, including how teams and managers can best support someone with a mental health difficulty. Our careers as Psychotherapists have demonstrated to us that understanding and empathy from management and staff is one of the key factors for keeping someone with mental health difficulties in work. We are firm believers that keeping to a normal routine (including staying in work), is one of the most helpful strategies for ensuring that mental health difficulties do not continue to worsen. Therefore, our mental health training educates staff about the most common mental health difficulties, how to best support someone suffering with one and where to seek help, so that staff members can feel more able to continue in work, and maintain effectiveness.

All our workshops are delivered by qualified CBT therapists which ensures that evidence based strategies are taught. The workshops can be adapted for the specific needs of each business so that problem areas can be targeted (e.g. difficulties managing change in teams).

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